Why Mocafine is a right choice for healthy diet

why mocafine ?

MOCAF (Modified Cassava Flour) is all-purpose gluten free flour made of fresh cassava tube from harvested from fertile plantation of Banjarnegara local farmers. MOCAFINE is suitable for making cakes, cookies, snacks, and fries.

Mocafine is a right choice for healthy diet because it is :

1. Mocafine 100% Gluten Free

Suitable for people with diabetes, autism, celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

2. Mocafine High Fiber

Easy to Digest.

3. Mocafine Low Glycemic Index

Contains low sugar which causes blood sugar levels to rise slowly this make us feel full longer. .

4. Mocafine No Artificial Color or Flavor

Safe for daily consumption.

5. Halal

Produced from halan ingredients and procedures.


Rumah Mocaf is a company producing modified cassava flour (mocaf) and its derivative products. Pur mocaf is made from the finest cassava harvested from fertile plantation in Banjarnegara, Central Java Indonesia.

It is processed using organic enzyme to create gluten free cassava flour which is whiter, odorless and long lasting.

We have commited to run our business with social-entrepreneurship spirit which benefits our local farmers and our partners. At present, the production capacity is approximately 500 – 900 kg /day. .
The vision of Rumah Mocaf is to provide healthy food in everyone’s kitchen.

Our missions are to maintain the quality of our product, to educate people about healthy diet and build a suitable business which gives no harm to environment.

Mocafine is gluten free multi purpose flour made from fresh cassava. It has similar characteristics to wheat flour so it can be used as the substitute or the complement of wheat flour, suitable for making cake, cookies, pancakes, fries, porridge or thickening dishes.

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